Why does Windows 7 BSOD despite low CPU tempatures?

Despite being a fairly experienced computer user I've never really delved much into overclocking and I don't understand much about it, anyway recently I bought a Gigabyte GA-A75-UD4H motherboard and a AMD A75 Quad core CPU with an Arctic Freezer 13 fan.

CPU idle load is usually around 15 Celsius (it's reading 10 Celsius now though, woop!), CPU load mostly between 30 to 40 Celsius when running games (I'm running Core Temp in the background) but when I try and overclock in the bios beyond for example 3400mhz, Windows 7 blue screens a few minutes later. :( I thought with adequate cooling Windows 7 would be fine at highish speeds after overclocking.

I have updated the bios to the latest and also my Windows 7 64-bit drivers, can someone or an overclocking guru explain to me what is going on or I'm just simply misunderstanding overclocking all together as to why my system BSOD?
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  1. PS... I meant my CPU is a AMD A8-3870 Llano quad core.
  2. First
    If u wont stable oc you must to change cpu vcore in BIOS.........
    Than look to FSB:DRAM be 1:1.....
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