Need broken PCs for Experimental College class Winter 2010

Dear Friends of THG:

I'll be teaching Computer Design and Assembly for the Experimental College at the University of Washington, Seattle -- Winter Quarter 2010:

The first class will have students disassemble a broken PC, preferably PCI vintage with PSU, motherboard, RAM, floppy, optical drive, video card and at least one hard drive.

ISA vintage is too old, but broken PCI-E systems will also work well, as long as they have all the above components.

We would like to expose the class to both PGA-478 and LGA-775 sockets, initially.

We can pay up to $20.00 per PC, after we receive and inspect it for suitability for this class. You will be responsible for shipping BEST WAY e.g. UPS ground to:

Paul A. Mitchell
Experimental College Instructor
c/o Lake Union Mail
117 East Louisa Street
Seattle, WA 98102

If it is not suitable, we reserve the option to recycle the entire PC at, which will save us the cost of return shipping and properly dispose of the broken parts.

We will, of course, promptly inform you of our decision to use, or recycle, the broken PC you ship to us.

Before shipping via UPS or FedEx to our SHIP TO address, please post details here, or privately at my email address:

All other terms are negotiable.

We will appreciate very much your generosity to beginners who want to learn Computer Design and Assembly, at very low cost.

Thanks, everyone, and HAPPY HOLIDAYS to you and yours too!

(Memory Resident File Systems)
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  1. p.s. If you prefer, we would also be very happy if you
    shipped your broken PC(s) directly to :

    Computer Reuse and Learning Center
    2222 N. Pacific St.
    Seattle, WASH. 98103

    In that way, we will have a larger selection to choose from,
    if you would rather go that route. Please contact them for
    shipping details, receipts, tax credits, and any other
    related questions you may have.

    They are a very established, reputable organization with
    a refurb factory that is very well organized: Last summer,
    I took their volunteer orientation and witnessed their entire
    operation first-hand.

    Thanks again!

  2. Hmmm.... I do have some old P4s lying around. I'll see what I can do.
  3. That would be G-R-E-A-T!

    It's OK if you want to remove the CPU and HSF,
    particularly if the CPU is still running OK.

    We want these new students to realize that they are not going
    to "break" anything if they make a mistake.

    It's one thing to lecture people and expect them to learn
    with only their eyes and ears:

    I'm convinced that the "hands-on" approach results in
    giving DIY builders really important experience, like the amount
    of torque to put on a screwdriver, how much force to apply
    when installing and removing cables, how to line up an optical
    drive in a 5.25" drive bay, and so on.

    It they should drop anything on the floor, then it's no big deal :)

    And, if these new students end up disassembling their broken PC
    quickly enough, I'll tell them they now need to put it back together
    -- before the end of class that day! LOL!!

    Thanks again!

  4. I'm not ready to choose a "Best Answer".

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