Help with over clocking my build.

I am new to this and have tried to use the asus turbo v but not having luck at getting past
4429Mhz When I use the extreme over clock it wont get much more then this.
This is my build specs. I did try to use the Bios but it seems that what I find listed in posts dont match what I see in the bios. Any help or links would be nice.

Asus P8Z77-V deluxe mother board
Corsair cmz16gx3m4a1600c9 Vengeance 16GB PC12800 DDR3 RAM Non Ecc Unbuffered
Cooler Master SGC-5000-KKN1 CM Storm Trooper Full Tower Case
Thermaltake CLW0211 BigWater 760 Plus Liquid Cooling Kit 
Intel Core i7-2700K BX80619i72700K Unlocked Processor
Crucial CT256M4SSD2 m4 2.5" Solid State Drive
Cooler Master RS850-AMBAJ3-US Silent Pro M 850W Power Supply
XFX FX797ATDBC Radeon HD 7970 Black Edition Video Card
Plextor PX-L890SA 24X DVDRW Optical Drive w/Lightscribe
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  1. The Asus turbo V is just a stopgap measure to get casuals interested in overclocking.

    There are lots of threads on here pertaining to overclocking your CPU. The only way to learn is to read, test, and ask questions when you have them.

    That said the turbo V only OCs the CPU and some voltages. the best place to start for you would be to find out the max temp and max voltage for your cpu. After that google over clocks and look at other people set ups and results.

    After that test stuff and then move on to another component once you have your cpu stable,
  2. I would ask you when you look over the parts I picked. Does any thing look like i bought the wrong parts they seem to be good ones. I got turbo v to get the processor speed up to 4.965(using Extreme over clock) with a stable asus test. But when I try prime 95 it goes about 8 to 15 min and I get BSOD. I tried using the one ( fast over clock) and there's is no diff Prime 95 runs just about as long and same thing BSOD. My temps run idle @ 32c and only get to 50c under prime95. Thats way below the 130 that is set to warn me or shut down.
    I have tried to use some other posted settings and my problem is what they say and what I can find to adjust in Bois don't seem to match or be found and there are so meany posts it is hard to know who on the right track LOL.
    One more thing if you care to answer is there any known reason that prime 95 would have a conflict with my system? That would cause it to BSOD? I play day of defeat and black ops and dont have any crashes.
    I guess I am confused and a little overwhelmed after reading posts and seeing people say that's not going to work or you should do that. LOL BUT THIS IS FUN NEVER THE LESS. Thanks for your reply.
    Guess I have to keep reading. Could you sugest a good thread to read Thanks again.
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