500GB SSD? 1TB SSD? Why arent prices coming down?

Bummer, I need to change my notebook HDD. Since Im going over the trouble, gonna put a SSD in there. Im looking at Crucial 512GB, as I currently have over 300GB of storage, and SSDs aparently jump from 250GB to 500GB aprox

Anyway, I noticed some 64GB and 120GB SSDs on newegg that are offering a $1/1GB price ratio. That is not happening for higher capacity models, the 512GB is listed around $750. It was for $700 for a short time at amazon, now its out of stock.

Also I hear that OCZ recently anounced new 512GB and 1TB models. Shouldn that bring prices down?
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  1. SSD price is always going to go down. Unless something happen to the supply chain.

    I don't think the larger capacity SSD will significantly reduce the price of SSD because it doesn't increase the market demand (too expensive and really only for people who needs it) and they use 25nm process to produce them so the price per GB will be similar to 25nm drives. A new process will lower the price.
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