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Hello guys, a week ago l bought the new gigabyte ati 4770 1gb, yes l know it the 1gb ram is a waste but it was really cheap ;o
But the problem is that l get really low fps. (avg. cod5, fallout3 fps @ 1960x1080 all maxed, no AF is 20-30).
The only drivers l have installed are from ati, the power supply is fine too, the only thing l can think off is the motherboard.

Help please?

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  1. Try lowering your resolutions, see if that help...
  2. Please post your full system specs and we can go from there.

  3. hiiiiii its gaurav
    i am thinking abut buy ati 4770 but i don't know my mobo have pci x16 or not how can i know it < lost manuals>
  4. I have PCIe Tower (4x3) slot dose ATI 4670 graphic card support it?
  5. SiSoft Sandra Lite is a great utility to find out thing or two about your equipment (even stuff your manuals never tell!).
  6. @ wa1
    lowering resolution doesnt help

    @ Mactronix
    amd 4400+ @5ghz
    4 gb ddr2 ram
    460W ps
    win xp 32

    I reinstalled xp, but it was the same, l dont think vista/7 would do better, but maybe its worth a try?
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