M4a79xtd won't boot, constant beeping

Hi, I got a BSOD yesterday, and when I try to start my computer today, it won't boot

I't's gotten through bios and the startup checks without fail, but once it tries to load my operating system, it will beep incessantly, and the screen will remain blank.

My hard drives are in a RAID 0 format, and bios is set to boot off them correctly.

The CPU has been overclocked in the past, but was running at its rated speed when I got blue screened.
I've checked all connections, and all appear to be correctly connected

Any help would be much appreciated.
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  1. Hi.

    Beeps usually means RAM problems. Test stick by stick in the mobo and let me know the results.
  2. Tested each stick individually. The same problem occurs, and I don't have any other DDR3 memory to test...
    I can give you any more specs you need
  3. I tried it outside the case with a different video card... It still won't boot but it doesn't beep any more. I'm going to try booting off a different hard drive.

    edit: I got windows xp to load in safe mode off an IDE HDD. My RAID array still won't load.
  4. just a heads up, this board has known problems with RAID/SATA (especially on older HDD's) :(
  5. Do u check if the BIOS is configured as RAID and not as IDE or AHCI?
  6. Yes, the drives are set as RAID in bios, and it is set to boot off the raid configuration.

    I had the problem of trying to boot off a single drive in the past, so that was one of the first things I checked.

    My drives are caviar blue 500GB, so I think they're fairly new.

    Thanks for the replies

    edit: Also, is it possible to update the mobo drivers if I can't boot, or is my best bet at this point to RMA the motherboard?
  7. Try the mobo RMA and the store give an option for get another mobo take it.
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