Got tons of artificats from playing "Lost Chaos"

So I just downloaded the game and played it. After about 30 seconds I get tons of artificts on the screen. I don't know why. The game graphics aren't even that good and my video card is on stock speed.

I exited the game and my whole desktop is full of artifacts. It wouldn't go away. I Checked Riva Tuner and Everest and the temperature of the GPU was at 41celsius so it wasn't overheated. Infact it never really overheats.

After rebooting my system the artifacts are gone.

My specs.
E5200 dual core, G31T-LM2 ECS motherboard.
4gigs ram, 2x2 667mhz ddr2
EVGA Nvidia GTX 260, 216core SC.
Thermaltake 600w purepower PSU.

Has anyone experienced this? I'm thinking it may be the game since it's a free game and they probably didn't do much testing due to budget, but the artifacts even stayed after I closed the game.
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  1. Have u try it on different game?
  2. wa1 said:
    Have u try it on different game?

    Yes, no artifacts whatsoever in other games.

    Only time I got a small artifact was when I overclocked it to way higher speeds. Even then the artifact only showed up once during the beginning of the game (modern warfare 2)

    I think it's just Last Chaos. I think the artifact happened because I alt+tabbed out, then re-entered the game. It took awhile for it to get back into the game so that might be what caused it.
  3. then, don't overclocked it too high, it could generates more heat and that's not good...
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