Havinard time resetting my cmos
I have the above motherboard a biostar 790gx a3+
I previsiously had 2 5770s installed and onboard video turned off but now i'm waiting on a 5870 and I want to use my onboard video.
Problem is even if remove the battery off the motherboard for 5 mins then put it back in it still remembers everything..
So I took it a step further I unplugged the cpu pulled it up on a seat and used the jumpers to reset the cmos and this didn't work.

On page 17 of the manual (the one for the motherboard not the bios)
it says
※ Clear CMOS Procedures:
1. Remove AC power line.
2. Set the jumper to “Pin 2-3 close”.
3. Wait for five seconds.
4. Set the jumper to “Pin 1-2 close”.
5. Power on the AC.
6. Reset your desired password or clear the CMOS data.

Now ive never done this before so I assume when it says remove ac power line that they just ment unplug it from the wall correct?

what am I doing wrong I just want my onboard to ride me through neweggs slow ass packing process omg they are gonna take the whole 2 days lolz =/
I got a acer h233h monitor im wonder if this could be the culprit? but it was working with the cpu before.
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  1. anyone take a crack at it?
  2. Why don't you just go into the bios, find the on board graphics option, hit F10 and then ENTER..... that should have saved your settings and you should have been good to go.
  3. because when i start the computer my screen is just black no bios no black and white text etc
  4. Why don't you press del button as soon as you switch on your cpu it will most probably take you to the bios menu.
  5. tryed that too just I can't see anything on my monitor so its useless...
  6. I hope you have an bootable cd with you, if yes just insert the cd into the disk and press del this will sure will take you to the bios.
  7. k ill try that that
  8. no cigar i think im just gonna take the battery out for like 30 mins if that doesnt do it I dont know what will I even tryed resetting the jumpers manualy lolz i dunno wtf to do
  9. that didnt work hopefully when my 5870 rog matrix gets here it reconizes the card and boots up lolz =/ I think the bios is just stuck on pci cards and its looking for that
  10. lol jeezy just tried reseting the jumpers again nada, im thinking because it has a dvi and a vga port in the back maybe it wants a vga plugged in but i did that on the try a while ago i'm so frustrated not sure if i want to bother doing it again lol
  11. tryed the vga nada again, f it im just gonna wait lol, lesson learned never turnoff onboard video t.t
  12. Did you tried the way i have said you to do.
  13. I cant get it to work, I need someone to put that some motherboards can't be reset unless you have access to bios so i can select that as best answer
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    Most motherboards with on-board graphics will automatically sense the presence of a video card and disable the on-board graphics.

    Try unplugging the power, pulling the battery, switching the jumper, and waiting overnight to see if you have reset the BIOS.
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