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I purchased the HP DV6000 and Hp has just been giving me the run around. The laptop has had problems with it the last year with screen going out. I assume it is the same problem that many other people are complaining about the faulty motherboard. Since the laptop is out of 1 year warranty they don't want to do anything about it and they are doing the same thing to thousands of other people besides myself. They want to charge me $385 to repair the computer. I can buy a new one with that price. Send me an email if anyones heard of the class action suit. Lets go after HP.

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  1. Some big corporations try to hide behind the fine print!
  2. Not all the time, they HP lost here

    There are more people here

    Let Go after HP money grabbers
  3. Good to know!
  4. as in the other thread, you guys really don't have any reason to sue them, you bought laptops that had a 1 year warranty, which means that they are basically ensuring it will work for 1 year, but no guarantees afterwords

    and the thread you linked is from 2006 (there is a newer one on the site complaining about this)
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