Will 4870 work on our PC?

using Belarc Advisor, our PC is a FUJITSU SIEMENS ESPRIMO P3510 with the following specs:

Windows XP Professional
2.53 gigahertz Intel Core2 Duo E7200
Board: FUJITSU SIEMENS D2750-A2 S26361-D2750-A2
power:100-127V~6.0V, 200-240V~3.0A, 50/60Hz
Max. output of power supply: 300Watt ( this is from fujitsu.com website)

the fujitsu websaite said that our motherboard has a PCI Express Slot X16, i hope thats true because there is alot of variations of our PC. and belarc didnt tell if it really did.. i am not very sure about this
i looked ito our manual and there is nothing about detailed specifications of our PC.

me and my bro wants to upgrade our family PC to a gaming one by buying a graphic card.. and we have chosen ATI HD4870 1gb card

can we go ahead and buy ATI4870 without further upgrading other components of our PC?
will our 300W power supply support that load or should we upgrade it too?

please justify your answers just to promote our understanding of the topic.

we dont want to destroy our family PC and get killed hehe


and oh, is 4870 a good choice? if not, what is>
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  1. No, your PSU won't provides enough power to get a 4870 work...
    About the PCI E x16, u could simply open your case and look at on the motherboard whether your mobo has it or not...
    4870 is a good card if u ask me, maybe little hot.
    What is your resolutions on your monitor?
  2. About the PCI-E slot.... Yes, your motherboard has it...

    Wait, is this your desktop?
  3. yes that is our desktop.

    and with regards to our resolution, its running smoothly on its max resolution at 1280 x 1024 using the integrated display adapter in the motherboard. but i think our LCD monitor can do more, can you advice me on this one too?

    i should upgrade our PSU to 500W with 12V rail right?
  4. For PSU, i suggest:
    i know it's not cheap, but it dependable and good for future.

    U must look for yourself, what max resolution that your monitor can handle.
    But, 4870 is nice.
  5. oh oh, bad news i think... max resolution our monitor can do is 1280x 1024..

    BUT WAIT theres more.. my bros PC has an AOC widescreen monitor and the max resolution is up to 2048x1536( based on control panel-display properties- settings- screen resolution hehe)

    so will a 4870 still be good if we swap our LCDs hehe?

    i still dont know about the PSU, but i have a good idea about the brands(corsair antek enermax) and the 80+ mark.. will buy depending on the shops availability and price tag, that will do right?
  6. this is the same , cheap branded 80+ mark PSU available in our local shop that im planning to buy if available ( will buy in PC express philippines) http://www.newegg.com/product/product.aspx?Item=N82E16817194003
  7. That's a decent PSU i think and yes that's nice...
    If your resolution is just 1280x1024(just like me), no need to go for 4870, HD4850 with 512MB is just enough...
    If u want to swap your LCD then 4870 is just perfect. U don't want to go for a higher one like HD5870?
    It's good for future...
  8. instead of buying 4870, we bought the 5770. it performs a little less than the 4870 but the energy efficiency is a really good feature and with the Dx11, its a good card for a new built(as some reviews said).. we will be swapping our lcds for the eye candy. we based our purchase from the graphic card heirarchy and from the advice of some ppl here in the forums too.

    sadly, the PSU i posted is no longer in stock maybe because its cheap and has the 80% mark.

    we dont wanna go for the 5870 anymore because it costs twice as much as the 5770

    the ,4850 1gb, 4870 1gb and 5770 1gb cost almost the same and are a little more than 4850 512mb.(i think the prices are based on demand)

    THANKS FOR THE HELP wa1! i want to play prototype too soon hehe

    just a good 500w PSU left to buy! thanks!
  9. Ok, get your new PSU and install your Prototype...
    You will get HIGH setting on that game with 5770... :)
    Mine HD4850 512MB on 1280x1024 monitor LCD, and it runs great... :D
    Enjoy your card...
  10. Oh, and don't forget u only have 1gb of RAM, i suggest u to add it more with 1 stick 1gb so it will run on dual channels, which it make your system faster....
  11. about the 1gb RAM, it should be of the same timing like our current RAM right?

    its SDRAM DDR2.. how shall i chose the RAM? just go with the same type and thats it?
  12. Yes, it must be the same thing(identically) like your current ram...
    Same type, same speed, same memory...
  13. thnks!
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