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Hi Everyone I built a PC about a year ago and when i first boot up the PC it has this really long beep but it posted. I took it apart and put it back togethere and it booted up with out the beep. When I use the internet it will beep sometimes then it will go away. If im transferring data or burning a DVD it will have a continous beep then it will shut down. If i leave the PC on idle it doesnt shut down. If i have multi tasking sometimes it will beep and last for only 10 mins or less. Here is the spec of my PC. I'm wondering am i over heating or not enough power supply.

GIGABYTE GA-MA69GM-S2H - updated to latest bios
GSKILL 4GB (4X1GB) PC2 6400 DDR 800 - ive tried putting one of each memory and still the same
Seagate 70GB SATA
Seagate 750GB Sata
Antec Case with 350W
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  1. Have you ran a memory test? try running Memtest86+. Beeping occurs because of bad hardware.
  2. Does it have a video card in it too?
    It sounds like the PSU is dying. If you have no separate video card, a decent 300W PSU should be enough. Seasonic has some 80+ bronze certified models in the 300W-350W range that are only about $45. If you have, or plan to add, a discrete graphics card, then tell us which one, although a quality 500W-550W PSU should be enough for any single card (except the 5790, which should have 600W). Choose one with full range Active PFC and at least 80+ certification. Antec, Corsair, Seasonic, PC Power & Cooling, and Enermax are among the better brands.
  3. I bought a 512mb ATI video card I took it out, thinking it may not be enough power. right now im only using the onboard graphics card. I noticed that the CPU core gets really hot within minutes also. So should I rma the CPU?
  4. Power supply is kinda small and I would buy a better CPU cooler if its getting really hot. Great deals at newegg.com

    Is the beeping your bios telling you the cpu is to hot?

    After running for a while reboot and check your cpu temp in your bios and check what your cpu alarm is set at.
  5. Hmmm, that could be the thermal alarm for the CPU that is beeping. Make sure the heat sink on it did not pop loose on one side. You may have to remove it, then clean off and re-apply thermal paste before remounting the heat sink.
  6. You mean it's beeping WHILE you're doing things in Windows, not while it's booting, right? My vote also goes to heat problems. According to the Gigabyte AWARD BIOS beep codes here, the situation you described indicates CPU and/or heat issues:


    "High frequency beeps while running | Overheated CPU | Check the CPU fan for proper operation. Check the case for proper air flow."

    The fact that the machine is fine at idle, and then starts beeping and crashing under load is also a good indicator that it can't handle the heat. Also, any time a system shuts down on its own and stays shut down instead of rebooting, overheating jumps out as a suspect.

    Have you tried booting up the machine without the side panel so you can see inside the case? Look at the CPU fan -- if it isn't spinning because it's dead or incorrectly connected, that'll cause your machine to overheat in a hurry. Since you just took it apart and put it back together, that stands out as suspicious. That or improper (or no) use of thermal compound.

    I would also make it a priority to check that when you put the machine back together, all the case fans are still blowing in the right direction (bottom and sides: inward, back: exhaust), and that nothing is obstructing airflow, such as a graphics card or wires cutting off all the air your case fans are blowing in.
  7. I have all the covers open and I can see the CPU blowing. It beeps continously once i turn the PC on then once windows comes out it will disapear. but this doesnt happen all the time. The loud continous beep happens all the time from 15 to 45Mins while its under load. I.E skype, wathcing amovie or youtube or burning a dvd
  8. If you aim a common household fan into it while it is running, do the symptoms change?
  9. How hot are we talking about? A good program to monitor system temps and voltages is HWMonitor.
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