Hellpp plz....

hi guys..

my build is an i5-2500, 6gb kingston ram, intel dh61ww mobo [...] h61ww.html
and no gpu..

the problem is that, when i start my p.c.. after showing the mobo brand (as it always do), i.e intel, and that widows 7 loading thing.. for a couple of seconds the l.c.d monitor displays "power saving mode on" as the screen goes black.. but immediately after that, the p.c and the windows run normally...
do i have a problem in my mobo??? (i have never altered the bios settings)
plz help me out as this thing never happened to me before...

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    I think that what you're seeing is the monitor's fault. It's simply telling you that for the small amount of time that it spends booting into Windows, the display does not need to run at full power, so it enters a power saving mode for a few seconds or so. It should not cause any problems.
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