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Ok guys os here is my problem. I just bought an Asus motherboard with some Ocz black edition ram for the Amd be cpus. Anyways the memory that I bought is not listed as compatible in my motherboard manual. However the board has an option called Memok which is where you press a button on the board and it sets the voltages on the ram to comply with the motherboard standards. I can get it to boot when I use the Memok option. I save the settings in Bios and then turn off my pc. However I have my board outside of the case so I have to unplug the board to turn it off right now. However when i do that and try to reboot the settings are not saved and I have to use the Memok option again. So do the Bios go to default after i unplug the system for awhile?? I just want to know ho to save these setting permenantly. Thanks all
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    If you are unplugging the power supply from the motherboard for a lengthy period of time, you are basically clearing the CMOS, which resets your BIOS to default. Once you get it into a case and shutdown properly, you BIOS won't reset to default.
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  3. Ok thats all I needed to kknow. See I am not actually unplugging the psu from the board however I am turning my power supply off. I just didnt know if there was a diference between shutting off the psu or actually disconnecting the supply from the board itself. I would assume both do the same thing but I am no expert. can you clarify that shutting off the psu also resetts the cmos. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. Yes... It does the same thing if sitting that way for a long period of time. My recommendation is next time you shut down, keep the PSU on and see what happens after a couple of hours of sitting.
  5. hmph this sucks the memok option works to boot the system but even after saving the changes in bios it sometimes will boot and most of the time I need to use the memok option to boot again which makes no sense to me. I guess the memory I am trying to use will just not work for this setup and of course I probably bought the only ddr3 dimms that are not listed in my boards manual. lol. Screw u Asus
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