Have CD in tray and can\'t open at all.

CD in DVD writer tray. Can't open tray, makes a noise like its stuck. Tried pinhole, didn't work. Tried eject from My Computer, didn't work. Any suggestions
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  1. Pinhole doesn't work?!

    Well, take the whole drive out and open it.

    DVD drive sounds really screw up, probably a broken or misaligned gear or belt somewhere. Try retrieve the DVD inside instead of the drive.
  2. Explosives ! :)

    Might have become misaligned and caught oin the lip of the CD. Remove from case and give a gentle shake....if doesn't dislodge,m try disassembly.
  3. Any high bridges over freeways where you are at?
  4. Remove the ODD from your system, next flip it and remove the 4 screw on its back side, now observe the front side of the ODD, there is a lever mechanism, which you will have to move to open the tray.

    After that, de-attach the holding clips on the side of the ODD. Now you can fully remove the whole ODD with the PCB and the motors, just remove the optical media from the ODD and re-fit the whole thing.

    Now you are good to go :)
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