How do you start a raid array

I am thinking about building a raid array into my computer but am not sure where to start. Right now I have a WD 1 TB hard drive and was thinking about possibly including a solid state drive or two in the array for speed. Probably would want a 3,4, or 5 set up but beyond that do not know much of how to do it Any help would be great.
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    google RAID array and decide what KIND of raid you are after .

    mixing different types of drives generally wont work

    adding more than one hard drive is easy . They will just be assigned another drive letter by windows , and you can format new discs as you add them .
    Obviously if you add an ssd as a boot drive you will have to migrate the OS or reinstall from scratch
  2. are you talking about what hardware you need or how to actually set up the raid array?
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