Overclocking asus board

Hello im trying to atleast overclock my asus board...


I know it will not overclock much..but im trying to see how much i can.

Only thing is i can not find a clock multiplier option anywhere..

Ive read a few guides and was going to try myself but i cant find the thing..

I dont know maybe this bios does not have the option...

Anything you guys can help with would be great. :bounce:


Just found something is bios a

ratio cmow setting is set to auto.. i can not change it to anything else.
Above it says ratio cmos unlocked 6min---8max
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  1. Ok now i change the ration cmos but it changes itself back to 8.0 itself. grr im kinda lost here lol.
  2. When OCing in the BIOS The core multiplier is set to AUTO by default it's two lines above the CPU core speed.

    What are your system specs.
  3. You'll need to use raise the Front Side Bus frequency to overclock your cpu with that Motherboard, unless you have an Extreme Edition CPU, which I doubt.

    Overclocking via FSB will be limited by your RAM, but RAM limitations can be overcame by lowering the CPU/DRAM ratio if your motherboard has that option in the bios. you will also need to manually set your PCI-E frequency to 100 manually as well to prevent issues with the video card.
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