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Hello,I hv a Pentium D Chip.At present I have only a 512 KB DDRAM2.The PC with (Windows XP Prof) is very slow.
Q1. How can I increase the speed
Q2.If I install 2 GBs, should it be a single card or two 1 GB cards
Q3.Is there a possibility of reuse of the 512KB card also with a new single 2GB card in the other slot.Then what will be the problem to be expected.
Please help urgently.
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    If you have a board that uses DDR2, you can probably put up to 2x2GB for 4GBs total in it. Its possible you have an odd board that won't handle 2GB sticks so you should figure that out before upgrading. I personally would buy either 2x1GB or 2x2GB and not use the 512MB. Odds are also good that the 512MB stick is slow, and will slow down the other sticks. It will also bring you down to single channel.
  2. Thanks for your clear reply. Checking up with my expert for modification to GB levels in the DDR2.
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