What is the ETA of the 5850's price reaching $250 and below?

At the current price point of $310 +shipping I find it impossible to justify considering the 5770 is at $165 and free shipping would kick the 5850's ass in Crossfire and for only $15 dollars more.

So, I'm looking for your best estimate on when the 5850's price will drop to where it belongs which is sub $260 dollars.

And always, Thank you for your time.
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  1. Given current yields on the 5xxx series and no competition from nVidia.....I'd have to say either when nVida pops out some competition or when the 6850's come out
  2. It shouldnt be that long, I got mine about 3 weeks ago for 269.99 with free shipping from tiger. When supply goes back up the price should drop back to the normal price that I got it for, early next year it should go sub $250.
  3. They seem to keep a few in stock now, so things are looking slightly better for a price drop, however I still wouldn't expect one until they have a surplus (yeah, right) or NVidia's cards come out (which the silence on that front is discouraging as well).
  4. February 31st at 12:00 A.M.
  5. Two things must happen:

    1. TSMC must improve 40nm GPU yields.
    2. nVidia must release their new 40nm video cards (also see #1).
  6. pick any of the following

    A. 2011 when nvidia releases Fermi
    B. 2q 2010 when TSMC quits flubbing their 40nm process
    C. q4 2010 when AMD releases 6xxx
    D. Consult Nostradaumas
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