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Me and a friend have managed to get or hands on some PC's that where damaged in a recent flood and i was wondering if there is anything to salvage....IE CPU's.We got 3 CPUs , a Q6600 ,E6300 ,E6500 they obviously do not work in there current systems, but we are hoping that we can pop the chips into a working system and have them work.
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  1. I believe that all CPUs are hermetically sealed in their can, and so they should work. The problem that you may run into is corrosion and residue on the outside. The top should be fairly easy to clean with alcohol, but the pins might be a different matter. I am not familiar with the socket of these chips, but if they have pins, inspect them for corrosion and discoloration. Wash gently with alcohol and maybe stick into non-conductive foam for mechanical action. Be very careful of bending pins, but if any break off because of corrosion, be happy it wasn't in your socket. If you can get the CPUs to where they are clean and shiny on top and bottom with no visible imperfections, they should work.
  2. Thank you , these cpu's are LGA type , the pins are on the mobo and the CPU has contacts instead of pins.From just a visual inspection all the CPUs look corrosion free and to be scorch free aswell , but both me and my friend a wary of putting them into a working system as we are thinking a fried or damaged cpu may damage the motherboard.So we have a older motherboard that supports the socket but perhaps not the CPU......meaning the motherboard has a Pentuim D installed and running , but the 3 we have are newer , what i am curious is if we pop a newer chip into a older Mobo will it post display to confirm that the CPU is alive?Or will it jus not boot.

    Thank you for your reply.
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