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I have these fans with me with the Corsair Carbide 400R case paired with a Hyper 212 plus (CM Xtraflow in push/pull):

2 Corsair white LED fans (44.2CFM)
1 Corsair black fan (44.2 CFM)
2 Cooler Master Stock fans (44 CFM)
1 Scythe Slipstream fan (110 CFM)
4 Cooler Master Sickleflow fans (69 CFM)
1 Cooler Master Blademaster fan (76 CFM)

Please let me know which fans to use as intake and which ones for exhaust? ( I want my PC to run nice and cool as I have an Asus GTX 560 Ti as currently its running at 47 degrees celcius idle and I dunno why).
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  1. Front and side fans as intake and top and rear fans as exhaust.
  2. dragonsamus said:
    Front and side fans as intake and top and rear fans as exhaust.

    My question was which fan's to place as intake and which one's for exhaust?
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    He did answer your question,
    any fans in the front, bottom or side of the case should be intakes,
    any fans on the rear or top should be exhaust,
    your four sickleflows would seem to be the best option, although the blademaster is slightly higher Cfm, have the highest Cfm as intakes if that is your enquiry
    and filters to help keep dust out
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  6. No probs man, glad to help,
    Thank you for B.A.
  7. Well, I imagine that you would want the TOTAL intake and TOTAL exhaust to equal, with a slight edge to intake.

    And then you would want to check so that this remains true when the fans run slow and fast. I guess, total flow at 50% max rpm is 1/2 flow at 100% max. On slow, some fans may run at 50% others at 70%.

    Hook up each fan separately and measure speeds, then calc, if you trust max volume figures advertised.
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