Mobo died with raid array, Can i change from SB600 to SB750etc.

Basically like the title says, my Mobo died on me.

Its a MSI K9A2 v2 platinum.
It has a 790fx / SB600 Chipset.

Ive been searching for the answer for ages now.
But i wanna know will my replacement mobo have to be SB600 not SB750/SB810 in order to migrate the array without losing my data?
Also does it have to be 790fx as well?
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  1. My current setup is Raid 0,
    2 x 400gb hitachi HDD.
    Ive read people saying that it needs to be the same chipset,
    by that do they mean manufacturer or EXACT chipset, same North + Southbridge.

    I want to be able to go from SB600 / 790FX to an SB 750,

    afaik, the Southbridge controllers storage and smaller hardware so the Northbridge shouldnt matter.

    I know that intel is entirely backwards compatible.
  2. Can someone please help me out..
    i would appreciate it alot
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