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Hello everyone.

I'm currently working on building a new rig, and I'm using a AMD Phenom II x4 965 BE. I installed a hyper 212 plus, but I feel like I had some trouble with the installation, and I was wondering what the temps some of you using the same combo look like. It is installed in a HAF 922 with the stock fans, and I used AS5 as my TIM. I really don't know what average operating temperatures for this chip is, only that it should not exceed 62C.

So my question to all you AMD 965 owners with the Hyper 212 Plus (optimally using AS5) what kind of temps do you get? Idle and with Prime?

Thanks in advance for all of your input!
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  1. Well, what are your temps? For all we know they could be normal. :)
  2. To give you a bit of comparison - I've got a X3 720 with the 4th core unlocked running @ 3.2 Ghz. (so pretty close to a stock 965) with a coolermaster TX3 (so not quite as good as the 212 since it has a 92mm fan instead of the 120mm - but for the $4.99 I paid for it can't complain !) and my temps are 34C Idle and 54C (in a 23C room) after about an hour of Prime 95. So figure you should be somwhere around there if not a bit better.
  3. i have an unlocked 550 at 3.6ghz with a tuniq tower 120. i get similar idle temps to JD, but get around 58-60 at load.

    it mostly depends on what kind of overclock you are running. what temps are you getting. tbh, im pretty sure anything below 70 degrees is fine. but you don't want it above 60 if you can avoid it.
  4. After running Prime 95 blend test for an hour, I'm getting ~31C while idle and after the test is running I'm at around 52C, Is that alright?
  5. That sounds about right - a few degrees C lower than what I get with my TX3 cooler which is not quite as good as the 212+ that you have - also since you used the AS5 compound it takes about 200 HOurs for the paste to cure and give optimal results so those temps should drop a couple degrees further by the time it cures.
  6. Got the same cooler on a Intel q9550. Idle is around 37 C. Prime 95 load will bring one core up to 51 C after a while the other cores stay about 48-49. I know its not the same chip but the cooler is a very solid cooler for the price. Very happy with it.
  7. Yeah, I'm pretty happy with it. The newly built computer just got moved to its permanent home which is much warmer ambient than the area it was built in. It idles around 35 and reaches 54-56 on load now. I still think that its pretty good. I'm sure I could bring it down if I cooled the room a bit.
  8. UPDATE: For some reason the CPU is now idling much higher than previously. When I boot the computer I'm getting temps like 41-43C and running prime 95 I'm hitting like 60 after less than an hour running it. The only thing that changed is the location of the computer. Even though the temperature is warmer, it can't be more than a 10-15 degree (F) increase in temperature.

    This has me worried, because the inital low temps I was getting was after the computers first boot, but now it is being used for its normal daily activites it is running much higher. Does ambient temp really have such a drastic effect on the CPUs temps? Or is the fact that the computer is now being actively used reduce the effectiveness of the HSF?

    I'm using AS5, and I thought it was supposed to lower the temperatures over time as it cured? Do these temps seem reasonable? Or am I losing my mind.
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    THe ambient temp will definitely make a difference figure the system will always run about the same degrees above ambient temp - so if the room you moved it to is about 6-8C higher ambient than the old room then that is about the difference in running temps - figure if you are bringing warmer air into the case - then the starting temp is going to be higher and thus the resulting temp while running is going to be higher also. But you are still fine on the Temps figure 60C after an hour of Prime95 is a higher temp than you'll reach while running the system (Prime95 puts 100% load on all 4 cores which is rarely going to happen during actual use) - so you should stay below that temp during normal usage - Prime95 stress testing is just to find the upper limit it will reach to ensure it will not overheat during normal usage.
  10. take the heatsink off. apply 3 lines in between the copper pipping. then apply a little in the gaps. After that apply one grain of rice in the center.

    This method dropped my amd 965 BE 125w from 52 full load to 43-44 full load.
  11. ryman546 said:
    take the heatsink off. apply 3 lines in between the copper pipping. then apply a little in the gaps. After that apply one grain of rice in the center.

    This method dropped my amd 965 BE 125w from 52 full load to 43-44 full load.

    wow, that sounds like way too much TIM.

    you should spread a very thin, even layer across the CPU, and then a small drop in the center to fill in any gaps once the HSF is attached.
  12. With my PhII 925 OCed to 3.8GHz @ 1.55v my Corsair H50 keeps my idle temp exactly what the ambient case temp is, whether it is 33C or as low as 16C. My load temps don't see such fluctuations though. No matter how cold I get my room, load has never been below 49C while in a really hot room (95F+) My load hit 54C.
  13. well the 3 lines method seemed to be the most effective paste method. Ive tried every imaginable thing. The grain of rice in the middle after the 3 lines was just my touch cause i did but a THIN line between each copper pipe. Also filled the gaps between the copper pipe and heatsink. Again seemed to work great for me.

    Tried 6 different methods. on non overclock 3.4 i got under 40 at full load.
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