Run Dual Channel Memory in Triple Channel Mode?


I've found a few threads on this topic already, but I want to be sure and I have a further question that wasn't addressed within the other threads.

I currently have two Corsair 2 GB 1600 MHz sticks at 1.65 V (9CMD4GX3M2A1600C8) on a P55 board in dual channel mode. If I change my board to an X58 with Triple Channel Mode, can I purchase 4 more identical DIMMS for a total of 2 GB x 6, will it work properly? My concern was I saw someone mentioning the compatibility of voltages between dual and triple channel and this is where I am not familiar with compatibility.

I would be looking at the eVGA x58 FTW3 and the RAM modules mentioned above.

Thank you in advance for your help,

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  1. If the memory sticks are all the same it should be no problem running them in dual or tri channel mode, the only time I've seen problems is if both banks are different (mine detects the speed wrong because my first group of ram is different from my second group, even though both sets are rated at the same speed, I simply had to manually set it and it was fine though)
  2. Yup, if you buy the next 4 stick identical to your current ones, then no problem running in triple channel mode.
    One more thing, but I'm not sure about this, using 6 modules will make all of them run at 1333, unless you overclock your CPU.
  3. When changing from p55 to x58, you will also need a new cpu.
  4. i like the name FTW! :)
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