No signal / possible gpu hardware failure

I have a dual monitor setup on a 9800GX2, yesturday my primary monitor randomly lost its signal from the GPU and went into standby mode.
thought this was a lose cable so checked them, swaped them and the cables are not the problem, swaped monitors over and the problem is linked to the primary port of the GPU, after reseting the PC the port failed again, i had about 2-3 seconds of the start splashscreen, reseting it a few more times it came back to life, clearing the cmos and 5 restars later the port was good again, lasting aprox 6 hours.

then it went a second time, this time I swaped monitors and cables over again to doubecheck, also changed the display options in windows for primary and secondayr, something I noteced both times is that when changing the monitors over windows made the hardware removed and added sound, this second time windows also started getting confused with what monitor was pluged where, saying both monitors where the same (apart from the anme) of the lower resolution, restarted and it was all ok again, this time swaped the monitors over so my secondary came primary to see if it was somehow the monitor causing the problem in the first place, this then went again with windos still recognising the monitor.

I also have checked the temperatures and they seem fine, they ideld around 76 and when playing games went up to 86ish with no problems

I have not came across anything like this before myself and the fact it was happening just after the splash screen made me think its hardware.

Is there any comprehensive GPU testing applications and any ideas on the cause of the problem?

I have no reinstalled the drivers yet.
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  1. System
    Asus striker II extreme (nforce 790i)
    intel e8400
    4GB Corsair DDR3 1600mhz
    Corsair 750w PSU
    Ge Force 9800GX2
    Samsung 245b+ primary monitor
    Benq FP91G+ secondary monitor
  2. after more testing I belive it is a hardware fault, caused by heat, with the room cold and the GPU underclocked the second monitor activates again,I am RMA the card soon and will post the result to help people with the same problem in the future.
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