New HDD, activity light on constantly?

I replaced the hard drive in my laptop (HP HDX 16), going from a WD scorpio blue to the scorpio black. I reinstalled windows, which took about 5 hours. The hard drive activity light was on constantly and every step took forever. Now that windows is installed it is taking forever to boot, and again the hdd activity light is on constantly. Any ideas? I tried running linux on it and it works perfectly, what's up with windows?
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  1. start task manager and in performance tan, click on resource monitor and go to disk tab.

    Check what process is using the HDD.
  2. The weird thing the hard drive isn't even being utilized. It'll spike for a second when I'm downloading stuff, but other than that no actual activity even though the light is on.
  3. Ok, so now the light is constantly on, but your HDD is not busy and transfer speed and program/window load time is normal?
  4. The light is constantly on, the hdd is not busy, but the window load time is NOT normal, still very slow. I just installed the driver for the card reader (read somewhere that might be the culprit) and windows is currently installing 90 updates, so I'll see how it is in the morning.
  5. Correction, the disk is not being written to, but it's being held at 100% highest active time.
  6. Sounds like a hardware problem.

    Can you update/ is there an update of firmware for your HDD?

    I am going to move this to HDD section.
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  8. Also get a S.M.A.R.T reading on the HDD
  9. Seems like bad sector to me, mainly in the initial part of the drive. Try running chkdsk command at command prompt
  10. After two days of trying to get windows to work, I gave up and went back to linux mint. Installed in 10 minutes flat, and everything works perfectly except the fingerprint scanner.
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