Recommended PSU for my build

My PSU started making weird squealing noise, I've read about it... and it seems that I have to replace my PSU.
My build is:
Intel i5 750
Gigabyte P55-UD4
4Gb Gail Memory
1000GB Western Digital (Green) X 2 (RAID)
650GB Segate
NVidia 260 GTX (Two monitors connected)
Logitech Wired Mouse & Keyboard

What's the most recommended PSU for this build?
NOISE and STABILITY are the most important things to me. (Bare with me on the money side)

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  1. An OCZ or corsair 600W or an antec earthwatts 600W
  2. Any good reason why??
  3. Mainly because they are all commonly respected brands (reliability) that will deliver enough power along the +12V rails for your CPU and graphics. I personally have an OCZ modxstream and have had no problems. It's pretty quiet too.
  4. The most often recommended power supply for your build would be a high quality 500 to 500 watt psu such as the Corsair VX550. The psu has a +12 volt rail rated at 41 amps. It can easily power an overclocked system with any single video card made. Corsair has a reputation for highquality psu's. They consistently earn high marks in technical reviews. They are very stable, reliable, and come with a 5 year warranty.
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