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Anyone have experience as to which webshops has the generally lower prices as well as good customer service?

Would be great if the store also had a physical "pick up" adress(preferebly in NY), as i'll be visiting from abroad.
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    Best prices and customer service is Newegg.

    Also take a look at Tiger Direct and ZipZoomFly.
  2. Newegg for the most common stuff (NY) for the enthusiast stuff
  3. Microcenter has a walk in store on Long Island, if you are near by the area. They have great prices on the big three Intel Chips (i5 750, i7 860 & i7 920).
  4. Thanks. I'll check those stores out.
    Gonna have a NY january shopping spree. Only thing i'll buy back in expensive old Norway will be the "tower" or whatever it's called..

    These are the main components i'll buy for my setup(in case you have any suggestions/better ideas or something):

    Motherboard: EVGA X58 SLI Classified

    CPU: i7 975 Extreme

    RAM: Corsair Dominator GT DDR3-1600(or higher if there's any point in that) 6/12Gb(maybe discount if i buy 2 sets?)

    Graphics: ATI HD 5970

    HDD: 1x 10000 rpm HDD(main) and at least 1x 2Tb 7200 rpm HDD(i.e. Western Digital Green)

    Not decided on Power Supply, Tower and Blu-Ray thingy yet but welcome all recommendations.
  5. 1. You DO NOT need an i7 975. Just get a i7 920 and OC it.

    2. Get an SSD instead of a 10k rpm HDD since you seem to have the money.
  6. Agree on the i7 975. Waste of money.

    You also don't need to get DDR3 1600. 1333 gives the same performance for less. Look for CAS Latency 7 sets.

    Agree on the SSD. Switch the WD data drives for Samsung Spinpoint F3. They're faster and cheaper.

    PSU: You can't go wrong with Corsair. Probably need at least 750W.

    Case: HAF 932. It's big and keeps everything cool.
  7. +1 for the F3 and the HAF932.

    You can find the 750TX @ Newegg cheap now.
  8. Thanks. Great help.
    I prefer buying quality, but wasting money is pointless.

    I've found these components recommended in a pretty decent norwegian database, so that's why i originally chose them. And my preferences had everything to do with a powerful system. Having that said, i guess they might be somewhat eccentric.

    Appreciate your help guys. This may not be so expensive after all.

    HAF932 seems very good, but i were looking at a mid tower. Were thinking of buying Antec Nine Hundred from a norwegian internet store(would save almost $50 buying it in US, but think it's too big to take back home).
    Do you think a Full tower, like HAF932, would be a better choice?
  9. Then get the HAF 922. It's the same thing, just slightly smaller (like Antec 900 vs 1200).
  10. ^+1 again. As for taking stuff back, beware that those Antec 900/HAF922 cases are quite heavy.
  11. Gonna go for the HAF, but in norway.

    MadAdmiral said:
    Switch the WD data drives for Samsung Spinpoint F3. They're faster and cheaper.

    PSU: You can't go wrong with Corsair. Probably need at least 750W

    Good point. Rather 1Tb 7,2k rpm than 2Tb 5,4k rpm.

    Maybe even more than 750W PSU.. To "grow with"

    As to the HDD prices for SSD are still pretty stiff.
    Think a 15k rpm SAS/SCSI would be a good alternative? Could get a 300Gb for half the price of a 256Gb SSD i think..
  12. Stumbled across Proximon's A big list of recommended parts V2.
    Based on that list i'll go for the Modular 850W Corsair PSU(1000W seems unnecessary atm)
  13. You dont need the biggest SSD, that's intended to just be a boot drive. For that purpose it just needs to be one of the faster ones. IIRC the intel ones and corsair ones are well liked.

    The good SSD's are probably double what a mechanical drive could do. (I've never really looked at them myself so that is a guesstimate)
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