Corsair 600t 360mm rad on top

Hello, I have been wanting a 360mm rad for a long time but have never wanted to cut up my case incase I wanted to sell it. But now the time comes, I am willing to chop this thing up to get a 360mm rad in, but the real question here is will it be a worthwhile upgrade? Right now I'm running 1 black ice steath 120mm radiator, and 1 Swiftech MCR220 (240m). My idle temp is around 24C and load at 100 percent is around 55-60.
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  1. Specs please?
  2. Use some bracket to mount the rad, that way you only have to have four screwholes instead of hacking anything up :)
    depending on the 600's roof, you may have suitable holes already anyhow
  3. your cooling the processor and gpu right, so the increase you will see with the system will be the ability to clock the system with the addition of the new rad, without temps climbing to high to maintain stability. I have been there with 2 240 mm rads, so I added a third and could clock my system but only a little, now have 5 rads and 2 of them are 360 mm rads and no problems clocking so far, haven't found the roof yet, but haven't pushed too hard either.
  4. You'll find the chips limit before you stress the loop Toolmaker, you have a very nice set up
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