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I have been planning to upgrade my graphics card. I have a HP 8226x pc with a PCIE x16 slot & a PCI 1 slot. The PCIE 1 slot is used by my TV tuner card which I do not want to change(to a pci tv tuner) for the moment. I have done some research on Cards. I upgraded my power supply to a 550 wts & with my dual core (total 6000) Vista 32 I should be able to improve on my ATI 3650 1GIG card I have at present. My problem? I recently purchases a ATI 4670 1GIG card & it was too WIDE. Though the box says it only needs ONE PCI slot, it takes up the space on my Motherboard of my PCIEx16 & my PCIE cards. I can't find accurate WIDTHS of most cards in my price range. $150 canadian. I only have 3/4 inch space which is enough for my present card. Fortunately, I was able to return the 4670 because the FAN took up too much space. Online, I have see 4670's with smaller fans that look similar in size to my 3650 (Asus & others) but not measurements. I ask salepeople, no one knows either though one fellow told my that the large fans (almost the size of the whole VCards) are becoming more & more popular. Anything with a large fan will not fit in my PC. Is there anything I can do short of buying more VCards and trying them?

thank-you for reading this

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    What you want it is a single slot card. Which cards are single and which are double should be easily discernible from pictures. Here are 2 single slot HD4670s from newegg;
  2. Thanks for the info

    I'll check this out
  3. From speaking to salepeople here in Montreral, Canada I have learned that many of major retailers have been receiving new models of Video cards with these big fans, partly because it's cheaper to make a heatsink this way. Even when the online pictures at show a small fan in the heatsink, it probably isn't correct. One person suggested I buy online where they may have a larger choice, but I must be sure that it is an older (3months or more) model of the Card.
  4. thank you all for your kind attention. The safest thing for me was to buy an opened box form Futureshop(who also has a great return policy) & see it for myself. I bought a xfx 4650 1 gig & it fits well

    thanks again
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