1650x1050 for AGP 2x/4x

I have an old P4 system and am looking for an inexpensive AGP 2x/4x card that will do 1650x1050 since I am now using a LCD flat screen monitor Thx :)
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  1. For what purpose?
    And if it is going to used for gaming, we need to know the full specs of the system.
  2. No gaming as its an old business machiine. This card is just so it will display 1680x1050 for MS Office and Internet Explorer. The old card won't do that resolution. An AGP card that is inexpensive and old or close-out is fine. Thanks for your help. -Tom
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    Take a look at Newegg (and other E-tailers of course) and search for AGP cards, because for those uses, I would advise you to just get a cheap one that has the right connectors for your monitor.
    Like this:
  4. How about: POWERCOLOR AG3650 512MD2-V3 Radeon HD 3650 512MB 64-bit - $59.99

    At least this one might be able to play HD movies should the need arise.
  5. Thanks - However the real problem is that the resolution for GeForce FX 5500 is listed as 2048x1536@60Hz and it doesn't list the resolution I am looking for which is 1680x1050. In fact most cards only list their highest resolution. My existign card; GeForce 2 will go as high as 1440x900 but had far greater resolutions for an analog monitor. Is there a way to know if the card that does 2048x1536 will also do 1680x1050? Why don't manufacturers list all the resolutions? Is there a formula? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for all your help. Totally agree that an inexpensive AGP card is the way to go. I'm building an HDPC which is a completely different animal. Seems that newer cards have the ability to do custom resolutions which solves my problem. My next thread will be on where are the monitors that con handle the resolutions like 2048x1536? Appreciate your help.
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