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I'm planning on building a new gaming rig... it's my first time doing this but i think i can handle it. i'm looking for some advice on what to buy, my budget is around 700-1000$ CA.. i know it's not much but i'm hoping i'll be able to run some of the higher edge games coming out... i've got a moniter already so im not to worried about that.

some guidance would be much appreciated :)
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  1. i've been browsing the site, and looked at a thread a bit under mine... the 800 budget (wow) post got a few replies and i think im going to stick with that, unless anyone has any suggestions :) .. also im thinking about waiting alltogether till boxing day"ish" and see if i can snag a computer for a good price... that might be a bad idea though due to my demands on a gaming rig.. anywho. thanks and still open to suggestions
  2. Post the $800 build.

    This is in USD. Not a bad gaming build. Substitute the mobo with a Gigabyte P55 board. Try to squeeze in a HD 5770 even if it means a cheap case. Post your final list.
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