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I deleted an old email account from Outlook and added a new one. I am receiving all ( thousands) of outgoing messages in the outbox folder. I'm working offline so they dont get sent out. How do I stop them from showing up in my outbox and being sent out??
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  1. Messages that are sent from your account will be sent out, don't click send. If you are working offline, that is why they are in the outbox, waiting till you connect.

    The question is, why are you sending thousands of messages? That is what you may want to ask about and provide some details.
  2. Thanks for the reply. I meant that I deleted an old email account - and that for some reason, all the old outgoing emails from that account are showing up in my outbox. I dont want them to be sent out because they date back to 2011.
    Im wondering why I have all these old emails popping up in my outbox even though ive deleted all the old email account info.
  3. Ah, no way that should be happening, are you sure you removed it properly? Did you just remove it from the view or in the actual Mail setup in Control Panel? Outlook can only work on what's configured in it, if your old account is really gone, it has no way of using it.
  4. Im not certain I removed it properly, but I know I went into Tools, email accounts and removed all the others. I feel like it is just uploading all the old emails that were pending to be sent because Outlook hadnt been opened since then. Is there a file on my computer that would save these pending emails? I looked for an "outbox" and "outgoing" file but they are all empty.
    It is really gone but it is using old information stored somewhere on my computer because they get uploaded even if Im Working Offline.
  5. Wait, that's not true. They dont seem to be coming in when im offline. Is it possible the host has them stored and is just sending all of them to me now because they were never sent out in the first place? I didnt own the old email so Im not certain why these 1000 of emails were not sent out.
  6. Are those valid emails? Are you sure your account was not hijacked for spam?

    If the account info is not in Outlook somewhere, there is no way it's capable of sending out the emails. Go to the Mail setup in control panel, make sure only your account is there. Also check any settings under "other user's folders" make sure nothing is there to open up another mailbox.

    Is this on a corporate server or just webmail like Yahoo or something? If it's in a company, have your IT person(s) take a look at it.
  7. OK thank you! Ill follow your suggestions.
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