Silly Cable Managment Question...?

Hey, im new to building PCs, this is my first build. Everything has gone great so far and today i decided to take up cable management.

I'm worried about some of the cables and the way i have to bend them to get them into the right socket. Idk if its just me over thinking something but it seems like i shouldn't bend the cable this much. Anyway, just asking for an opinion.

picture of what im talking about:

Again, this is probably a really dumb post, but thanks for any help, lol.
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    Bending your cable is OK, but be careful about any stress you put on the MB socket. you can use shrink-wrap as a way of masking the wires better, if you have the need.
  2. Alright, that puts me at peace of mind, lol.

    Thanks for the help.
  3. No problem there, relax. ;)
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