Pre-overclocked graphic cards are better???

Hi guys,

I recently got a Evga Gtx285 (non-pre-overclocked). I want to know when I overclock it to the clock speed of the FTW version, will there be any difference with the real one? I heard that the chips of the pre-overclocked ones are chosen by hand and should have better performance. Is this true?

Also, something a bit off topic, but when the new Fermi comes out, should I get 2 of them and stop using my 285, or only get one and use this Gtx285 as Physx?

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  1. it's not chips chosen by hand :) this is not practical... they just re-brand the original board, sometimes overclock it and then sell it at a higher price. The overclocking part will increase the price, obviously, so better do the overclocking yourself... not so difficult.

    getting two video cards will require a power supply unite that supplies both cards and the whole system, which is a huge amount... get for a single mid-range or high-end video card and you will be able to play almost anything at 1900x1600.

    my recommendation... wait for ATI price to drop a little and grab yourself an HD 5870... it's performance challenges the former Nvidia high-end graphics.

    Regarding Fermi... i really can't tell if it'll kill the Ati 5000 series or overkill it... to be honest I doubt it. I'm more satisfied with ATI over my single nvidia experience.
  2. GTX 285 would be massive overkill for a physx card. You'd be better off selling it.
    As for whether you should get a fermi or 2 it's hard to say considering we know nothing about it basically. But really if the GTX 285 is serving your needs well there's no reason to upgrade.
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