2x 80mm fans at side

I plan to install additional 2x 80mm Green LED Thermaltake fans at the side of my case
I need an advice on whether I should do one fan which takes the cold air and second which takes hot air out or 2x cold airs etc?
If so, how should I put them(would it be cold air going in at top, hot air at bottom or something like that or it doesn't matter?)

Also How should I put my fans on the side that I open the pc from?

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  1. Both should be intakes, as in pulling cold air into the case,
    most sidefans are directed at the graphics card/cards
    you're going to need a holesaw and or drill to make the holes with, and you can mount them inside or outside as you wish, but remember to add a fangrill to protect your fingers from accidents
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