??? watt mobo

can anyone answer how many watts my mobo can handle? i'd like to upgrade my CPU and I can't until I know for certain what TDP my stock mobo can handle.


Mobo: Dell (mistake i know)0F896N
version: A02
chipset: AMD 780
current processor: AMD Phenom x3 8750

I know it's a 95 watt, but can my mobo support a 125W CPU?
i'm pretty sure it's an AM2+
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  1. Probably not. Dell boards are picky about cpu upgrades. I suggest you upgrade the video card instead. The 4670 is a good chipset to use; it works with some 300w power supplies. Just check the card to see if it requires a 6 pin pci-e lead from the ps. The dell ps may not have a 6 pin pci-e lead required for some cards.
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