What symptoms if CPU not supported by MB?

I just got a Foxconn A9DA and an AMD Phenom II X6 (T55T). The Foxconn website says the CPU's supported, but with BIOS version 994F1P03. The build isn't posting, so is there another way to determine what BIOS version is currently on the MB? And if it isn't the one supporting T55T, what symptoms will I see? Currently I get no video signal. I still need to plug in a speaker (none in the case).
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  1. If more than one bios is listed on foxconn's website, then you may need to flash the bios with an older amd cpu to get your 1055t going. At most, your system may try to post for a split second, and power down, or simply fail to post. Either get or borrow an am3 cpu from someone or email foxconn for instructions. Most newer boards don't have a removable bios chip, so you would have to send in the board to foxconn for a bios update. I would get a sargas 140 am3 cpu for $30 if you can to save time.
  2. ^+1...

    An unsupported CPU will either cause the system not to boot or it will boot but throttle down the CPU to minimum speeds and will show up in the BIOS as Unsupported CPU.
  3. Thanks guys.

    I am going to proceed down the "no post" sticky checking RAM sticks and such, but it looks like CPU incompatibility is not something I should rule out.
  4. More details.

    Per the no-post sticky, I tried removing just about everything, including the RAM. The MB docs say that it has a power blinking feature such that the LED will blink at a certain rate if no RAM is detected. No RAM is present, and it isn't blinking. So the problem is either the MB, the CPU, or the PSU as there is nothing else left. Ordered a cheap AMD CPU that will hopefully work with MB's BIOS, and a cheap RAM stick just in case the RAM doesn't work (b.c. the ones I have weren't listed on the Foxconn list of "tested" sticks either). I will borrow a speaker from another case to see if I get any beeps, but things are pointing to an unsupported CPU for the BIOS on the MB.

    Foxconn support was marginally helpful. They said that the CPU could be the problem too, but did not tell me what BIOS version I had (I asked), nor what CPUs WOULD work with that BIOS version. They also said to get a cheap AM2 / AM2+ CPU, which didn't make a lot of sense to me given the AM3 socket? I would think AM2 wouldn't work.
  5. If your board uses ddr3, then an am3 cpu is required. The am2 cpus don't work with ddr3.
  6. Thanks o1die. I figured as much.

    Here's the latest scoop, and info for all potential A9DA and A9DA-S buyers: In spite of the CPU compatibility list on the Foxconn website that says BIOS version 994F1P03 is required, you actually need P05 to get a 6-core CPU to work, according to the latest Foxconn tech support response to my inquiry. Foxconn has offered to RMA my board, but I already have a cheap CPU from newegg in-flight so I'm going to stick with that route for what I hope will be a faster and comparably-priced resolution. Don't know if Foxconn RMAs cover S&H, and I don't want to wait that long for the board to come back.

    Just for future troubleshooters: with no RAM I get a single beep that repeats from the system speaker. With RAM (either of two sticks, any slot), I get two "clicks" that sound kind of like HDD clicks from the system speaker (no HDD is anywhere nearby, much less connected). Will update once I try the new CPU, flash BIOS, and go from there.
  7. Problem solved. The BIOS update fixed it. I am typing on it right now, in fact.

    What bothers me about this issue is that there is no way to identify the cause, or deploy a solution without getting another CPU (or shipping the MB to Foxconn... still waiting on a response about that one).
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