PSU switch on, powers up pc withouht case switch and nothing posts!

Hi peeps!

Hoping yall can help me with this issue!

I have just replaced my MB.. after the other one no longer switched on at all! all was running well up until today!

When i switch my power supply on the machine gets power and my fans, hdd, graphics card etc all come on, however nothing posts on screen and this is happening withouht me even turning on the power switch on the case!

I have so far tried.

1)Disconnecting all case switches from the MB (still turns on)
2)Removed all components (still turns on)
3)Reset the cmos (still turns on)

I have been able to turn it off by shoving a screwdriver in between the power pins on the MB but then it doesnt turn back on up until i flick the switch on the psu and then its back to square one! lol.

One thing to add is I think there was something wrong with the power switch on my case so i used the reset switch as the power on and off and it was working fine. i tied the screwdriver trick to power it on withouth the switch but that wasnt working.

Can anyone help me with this please???

Oh and i just connected my old MB (which might not have been faulty cos it was just the case switch that was) to the PSU with no components on just bare and the same happens as soon as i flick the psu switch things seem to come on, i tried with just a fan connected!

Please help!
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  1. Probably the PSU. What kind is it?

    In fact, full system specs?
  2. Its an older rig...

    Asus A8N32 Deluxe
    ATI X1900xtx
    Corsair 2gb
    Antec trueblue 480w
    AMD 4800 x2
  3. Like I said, probably the PSU.
  4. ^ as jsc suggested. try another PSU
  5. Ok will do.. thanks. will let you know how it goes!
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