Why does my pc turn on by itself

why does my pc turn on soon as i plug it up ? n it's not the ramm i tried that already & no beeps either
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  1. Did you enable power on by mouse, keyboard or LAN?
  2. i just got it from a friend in when i hook it up as soon as i plugged the power cable it it cutes on and the screen is blck . when that happen to a couple of computers i fexed it was the ramm not seated properly but i'm lost on this on
  3. Sounds like the power button could be broken or stuck on, by the way do your parents know what you're doing?
  4. The button isn't stuck i got it from a friend i took the cpu off and cleaned it off & i put thermal paste on it the put it back put in a video card it didn't have on i just got a 500GB hdd n hooked that up mouse n keyboard and as soon as i plugged it in it started running the lights & fans but no picture the ramm was seated right no beeps . everything is plugged in right . i'm lost on this one so i'm not sure if it's a problem with the Mb or what .
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