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I have about 250 bucks and I need a mobo a cpu and memory anyone got any good suggestions.Its going to be used for light gaming but want the most bang for my buck.Im looking at this stuff here .The 1st link is for a mobo second for cpu and third for memory.It all adds up to 253.97 dollars.Comparing a phenom x2 3.2 to a athlon x4 2.9 also if anyone has any input on that.Thank you.
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  1. Do you need that SLI thingy?

    Muche better integrated video

    Better RAM

    With your (good) CPU

    Total: $247.97
  2. I was looking at that gigabyte board but I didnt know if the pcie slots were as good if you look it says 1x16 running at 16x and 1 x PCI Express x16 slot, running at x4 but the msi board says 2x 16x running at x8 each when 2 cards used so idk.Whats the difference between the ram,they seem to have the same #s the only difference being the cooler on the one I chose.I should probably go with this board then If you say HD 4200 built in is better than 8200 nvidia. its basically the same but with a 4290 built in and the x4 problem I just mentioned.BTW Mosox I see u everywhere lol...on some of my last posts thanks for all ur help dude ur the shyt lol.
  3. That "2x16 running at x8 each" is good only if you plan to run two Nvidia video cards on it. It won't work for two ATI cards and it's useless if you want to add just one video card.

    The last mobo you picked later is good and also has crossfire option (two ATI cards). But that is only if you plan to run two identical ATI video cards on it. You can get that one if it's in your budget.

    You can go for the OCZ it has a heatsink, A-Data is more trustworthy as a brand.
  4. Its about 278 for all of it with the x4 athlon core and the ocz memory.Which btw if u could help me with that also with ur opninion on a x2 phenom 3.2 vs a x4 athlon 2.9.Also ur opinion on the nvidia 8200gs vs the ati 4290 built in.I plan on running 2x ati cards later when I buy them I just need the onboard graphics for the meantime.Im going to be running mostly offline games like fallout 3 and wolverine origins,maybe some of the new games like dark void,split second,blur and nfs shift.The only reason I picked the later board is b/c it has spdif out and usb 3.0 ports.What i was saying about the pcie slots was I noticed one some boards it says 2x 16x running at 8x each and for the ati boards it says 1x 16x running at 16x and the other slot only runs at 4x,Idk the difference.Im not rly worried about the brand of ram but if it makes any difference in performance I would be.Also about the sata 3 ports,do those work with any sata drive? I have a western digital 500 Gb sata drive I just bought a month ago.Im kinda worried about the front panel connection for the power button because my case has a usb header looking front panel header thats in one block instead of the individual 2 plug connectors for each pins and I dont know if the wires match up on the new board. Thanks for everything again mosox you are probably one of the greatest advisors on this site and have never steered me wrong.
  5. OK, so you want a gaming PC. Start with a good onboard video (HD4200 or 4290, the Nvidia one is weak), 2G of RAM and a CPU. Then you buy another stick of RAM and a dedicated video card like the HD5750/5770/5850, in the meantime you can play games on lower settings on that onboard video.

    Get the Athlon X4, it's better than the Phenom X2 or get the Phenom II X4 945.

    You need two PCIe slots running at x8 and x8 only if you will want to buy two video cards not just one or to buy one and add a second one later. That's crossfire (or SLI, for Nvidia cards), two dedicated video cards running together.

    I don't know about those connectors they should fit.
  6. I would vote for the cheaper athlon x3 440 (same gaming performance at a lower price) and maybe an aftermarket cooler if you want to overclock it.

    Athlon x3 440- $80

    Hyper TX3- $20

    For a motherboard, I recommend this if you want to crossfire and need integrated video at the start:
  7. duk3 whats the integrated video on that board cause the site doesnt show what model gpu is on it?
  8. Anyone else got a good system suggestion ,I dont care what site its from ,but for around 280 bucks thats includes memory mobo and cpu.
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    Agree with that athlon x3 440 CPU, is good for gaming but don't bother yourself with crossfire, few people use that.

    AMD Athlon II X3 440
    G.SKILL Ripjaws Series 4GB


    Here's one with a video card but only 2G of RAM:

    MSI 870A-G54 AM3+AMD Athlon II X3 440
    Team Elite 2GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600
    SAPPHIRE 100296HDMI Radeon HD 4670

    $288.96 (after $20 in-mail rebates)
  10. What do you think about a 890 board any better with a x4 phenom at 3.0 ghz Im starting to like the 870 now that I realized I can get a 965 black x4 with the 870 because it has the unlock core option thing that I dont think the 890 msi one i was lookin at has.Also for 5 dollars more I can get the 965 black unlocked one with this there any difference between the a data 2gb ram with heatsink says gaming edition,than that one you said.
  11. Ok I am caught between these two systems.One has a thuban 2.8 six core with a slightly cheaper board and only one pcie x16 slot also doesnt have sata 3 and the vid card built in is a 4250. The other is a 3.4 phenom x4 965 black with a board that has 2 pcie slots and 4290 built in and sata 3 ports. Im hearing there is no real performance difference between the two cpu's,but the 4290 is better than the 4250 built in.Also,is there a difference of a mobo having a x4 atx plug in from the power supply,cause thats what mine has and the thuban system mobo has one for x8.Not to mention the sata 3 ports.Ill let you decide,I am ordering this today so if anyone can help I would really appreciate it.
  12. You modified your budget a lot. You don't need 6 cores for gaming. Crossfire mobo, better video (HD3300 is better than HD4200) and very good CPU.

    Look at the newegg combos with the phenom 2 955.
  13. y is the 3300 better i thought the 4290 is better?
  14. i decided on the asus 890gx pro/usb3 board with a 3.4 BE Phenom 2 x4 3.4 core and Kingston DDR3 2GB 1800 speed ram for 373 dollars with some antec silver thermal cpu grease.I appreciate all suggestions and even though you tried to save me money mosox I would rather have something I would not have to upgrade in the future especially the mobo.The asus board is the best I could find with hd4290 built in graphics to start ,usb 3.0 ports and sata 3-6gb ports not to mention supporting the fastest oc ram 2000 for that price.Allthough I did get the open box mobo from newegg I allready have all the cables I need for what I have.The only question in this is whether the new western digital 500 GB green hdd supports the new sata 3 ports?
  15. The sata 3 is for the future or now for solid drives. Use the sata2.
  16. Heh I dont think this board even has sata 2 ports.I did some researching by calling compusa,asus and bestbuy geek squad also searching around reviews on newegg and seen that just about any sata drive is backwards compatible with the new sata 3 ports.Also that my front panel connector is 99% compatible with any board.The memory is also supported at 1800 but the mobo sets itself at 1333 at post,so by using the overclock utility thats built in will get it up to 2000.My only other worries now is the open box mobo I bought having the drivers and everything with it that I need,so Im searching asus to find out if they have the drivers for download.I guess I will just have to wait and see what comes in the mail probably wed-thurs,and if it doesnt have everything I need to make it work then its rma time lol.Thank you again.
  17. Ok I was wrong.The front panel connectors arent going to fit in the right places so I might start a new thread to get some answers.The mobo pins are 2 pin connectors and my front panel just has the one 10 pin block with all the pins in the wrong places.How do I remove them from the block and put them in the right places?
  18. I think this should work but I don't know for sure, it has a card reader too:

    Or that one but it's 3.5" and you'll probably need a 3.5" to 5" adapter.

    Or get a new case.
  19. Thats nice but what i meant was the front panel power led's,reset and power on swithes connectors for the power button.No problem I solved it in this thread.
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