Please i'll like to know more about the Dlink DIR-655 i just got

I just got a Dlink DIR-655. Ive read a lot of reviews on it and heard its the best and fastest and it has a lot of features(like how it has about 300mbps speed). Problem is...I dont know what these features are, what they do and how to use them. I thought they'll all be in the manual but it isnt...and my manual is in french and its pretty short. I spent quite a couple of bucks on this router and i'll really really love to maximise its features or use it in every way possible.

Please can any of you provide me with info, links or anything on what you know about this router and how to maximize its benefits. You dont have to explain everything, just anything you know...though it'll be much appreciated if you explain everything :)
thanks a lot

P.S Im really a noob here and there are really a lot of stuff i'll like to learn. All i could do was set up the router...I dont know how to share files on the network etc etc
I dont know if theres a way i could increase my internet connection speed with it or allocate bandwidth or something and i'll like to know whether it increases my internet connection speed
wow...hope the questions arent too much
prompt help will be highly appreciated
any reply at all will be very much appreciated...even a 'hell if i know' :)
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  1. tom's hardware is CRAP!
    i got a reply from notebookreview in minutes.
    this is about 2 days now
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