Dual Video Cards - Setting Default Card?

Hey Guys,

I'm pretty good with computer hardware/software, but I'm stuck on this one for some reason. I have an ASUS L1N64-SLI WS motherboard with a BFG Geforce 8800 GTX in one PCI Express (16x) slot, running two DVI cables to two of my monitors. In another PCI Express (16x) slot, I have an ATI Radeon X600, running a single DVI cable to my third monitor. I have just added the second ATI card to allow me to use three monitors, but now when I launch games, I'm getting errors saying my video card isn't sufficient. I'm guessing that means my default video card is the newly installed ATI Radeon X600. Can anyone point me in the right direction to set my Geforece card as the default card?

Thank you!

- William
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  1. I'm really surprised that you are even able to run both an nvidia and an ati card in the same computer. I've always heard that there were serious driver issues if you ever tried to install and run both.
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