Re-overclocking after huge fail

I have this huge problem which has now come up.

My specs

Antec 900 w/ 1 extra fan
Thuban 1090t
mastercooler v8
radeon 5850
700w thermaltake PSU
Asus M4A78LT-M AM3
Windows 7 ultimate x64
8GB Ripjaw 1066 DDR3 (2x4GB)

I also have latest BIOS 0802

I had 2 cores locked with a ~4Ghz overclock, semi stable. It has worked with all other games with minor issues, and the rare gamecrash. During one game, though, it BSOD's, so I decide to fix the instability. In short, one of the tests locked before the win7 flag came up and corrupted a file, forcing me to reformat. However, a new problem had came up. My overclock now would heat to around 50 degrees, and throttle. So I checked my BIOS, no throttle control ANYWHERE. There is a monitor that checks the heat, and it is constantly 10 or more degrees from core clock. This same measure is on AMD Overdrive, so I can monitor it next to it. I believe that this sensor is tripping the motherboards throttle heat, but I can't change it or turn it off. I cannot run stock clocks (3.2Ghz with all 6 cores) and cannot get back to my 4Ghz with for cores no matter what I do. ATM, I have 4Ghz with a throttle at 43 degrees, idle at 28. Cool & Quiet is working, so is C1E, however I have tried with them off and it does not effect the throttling.
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  1. Disable C1E, and Cool & Quiet, they are known to cause instability. And a Throttle at 43C? Sure there is not bios option for that? 43C is insanely low temp to throttle. Normally they will throttle between 60 to 65c.

    Also Only OC 1 component at a time, Like only the CPU, If you use the FSB make sure the ram is at a reasonable speed, preferably 1066 or 1333mhz (your setup set it to 800mhz). And keep your CPU-NB at around 2000mhz and HT at 2000mhz.

    then you can try to clock the Ram higher to close to 1066, it should do a little high than 1066, but can't tell ya if it will. Then clock the CPU-NB higher, see a decent performance increase with that a little higher. My 1100T hits 4032mhz at 1.52v in bios on all 6 cores.

    Also you might be hitting a limit on that board, but I wouldn't say that for sure.
  2. Yes, at this point the thottling is the only issue I have. I have tried disabling both but they don't have any effect. I have stock CPU-NB and HT, and my bios ram options are 400, 533, or others, if I raise the clock too high with the FSB, then I have to use the lowest option, or else it isn't stable. The bios have no throttling control that I can see. I have tried their "Unleashing mode" and it does nothing either.
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