First Time Build -- Pull the Trigger?

I was asked these questions on another forum... I dunno if they're applicable, but who knows, they might help :p

1. Do you have a fry's or microcenter nearby?

Fry's < 20 miles... however, I would have to be saving a significant amount of money to do my shopping there. I'd prefer to do it online and all in one place (Newegg).

2. What is this PC going to be built for?

A little of everything I suppose. Day to day surfing, downloading, media burning, possibly light gaming, and poker. I don't know if it should be noted, but I plan on using my Sony 46Z4100 as a monitor via HDMI.

3. *** If Gaming... what resolution/monitor will you be using?

Not sure...

4. What is YOUR budget?


5. If YOU have any unreasonable brand preferences?

From what I've read, no Seagate... :non:

6. Have YOU performed any research yet?

Some... but mostly window shopping.

7. If YOU intend on using any of YOUR current parts?


8. If YOU plan on overclocking?

I think so... I want to delay obsolescence as long as possible :P

9. When do you plan to build it?

Sometime before the end of this month, preferably.

I'm building this in lieu of buying a new laptop. I do like the extensibility of a desktop. I planning on adding other things over time.I used to think I absolutely had to have the portability of a laptop, but I've realized I really don't... and if I ever need one, I'm going to get a netbook as a cheap, small, and hassle-free fill in.

I know this is pretty barebones for now and I'm sure there will be some bottlenecks, but I'd like to start something half decent and continue to build into it over time.

Please feel free to give any advice or thoughtful recommendations... I'd definitely appreciate it. I'd much rather do this the right way, the first time (and within budget!).

This is what I'm eyeing so far:

AMD Phenom II X4 945 Deneb 3.0GHz Socket AM3 125W Quad-Core Processor Model HDX945FBGIBOX

ASUS M4A78T-E AM3 AMD 790GX HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard

1. AMD HDX945FBGIBOX: $165.99
2. ASUS M4A78T-E: $129.99
Combo Discount: -$50.00
Combo Price: $245.98
$15.00 Mail-In Rebate Card pdf
Price After Mail-In Rebate(s): $230.98

Western Digital Caviar Blue WD5000AAKS 500GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 3.0Gb/s 3.5" Internal Hard Drive -Bare Drive

Price: $55.99

OCZ Obsidian 4GB (2 x 2GB) 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1600 (PC3 12800) Desktop Memory Model OCZ3OB1600LV4GK

Price: $93.99 ($63.99 after $30.00 Mail-In Rebate Card pdf)

RAM is where I could use a good recommendation if what I chose is completely wrong or just overall garbage. I hate cutting corners, but I don't mind doing it on something that is easily upgradable down the road. Helpful suggestions and advice is appreciated.

Optical Drive
LG Black 22X DVD+R 8X DVD+RW 22X DVD-R 16X DVD-ROM 48X CD-ROM 2MB Cache SATA DVD Burner - OEM

Price: $28.99

Power Supply
This one is a bit lost on me... not quite sure what to get. It seems there is a huge disparity in price some that are advertised as the same (or more) wattage. Helpful suggestions and advice is appreciated.

Any thoughts on these?

Thermaltake TR2 W0379RU 500W ATX 12V v2.2 Power Supply -- Price: $59.99

OCZ Fatal1ty OCZ550FTY 550W ATX12V / EPS12V SLI Ready CrossFire Ready Modular Active PFC Power Supply -- Price: $64.99

Antec BP550 Plus 550W Continuous Power ATX12V V2.2 Modular Active PFC Power Supply -- Price: $64.99

Diablotek PHD Series PHD650 650W ATX12V V2.2 Power Supply -- Price: $59.99

If anyone has any recommendations or advice on my power supply dilemma, I'd surely listen.

Still totally up in the air here. Flashing lights and windows aren't a necessity here (I don't care one way or another though), but I know I'd like something that will keep everything cool with overclocking a definite possibility. Helpful suggestions and advice is appreciated.

Antec Three Hundred Black Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price: $54.95
RAIDMAX SMILODON Extreme Black ATX-612WEB 1.0mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Foldout MB Case -- Price: $69.99
COOLER MASTER Centurion 534 RC-534-KKN2-GP Black Aluminum & Mesh bezel / SECC Chassis ATX Mid Tower Case -- Price: $49.99
COOLER MASTER RC-690-KKN1-GP Black SECC/ ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price $59.99
COOLER MASTER Centurion 590 RC-590-KKN1-GP Black SECC / ABS ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price: $49.99
GIGABYTE Triton 180 Black 0.7mm SECC Steel ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price: $64.99
SIGMA PLUTO Pluto-WB Black 0.7mm STEEL SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price: $69.99
XCLIO Nighthawk Black Finish 0.6mm SECC ATX Mid Tower Computer Case -- Price: $69.99
XCLIO Windtunnel Fully Black Finish 1.0 mm SECC Chassis ATX Full Tower Computer Case -- Price: $89.99

If I were to choose a power supply and a case, it adds up to about $565 shipped, give or a take a few bucks. How did I do? Any suggestions or advice?

A few more questions:

What is the best way to manage all the cables inside the computer? Mesh sleeving?

I purposely left out a video card, as the mobo has onboard video, but I would like to get one to add once I get everything off the ground -- any suggestions? I don't need a world-beater, but a nice blend of performance and price. Something under $120 shipped would be nice.

As it stands now (and when I get a video card), do I need more cooling?

Do I have a big enough power supply for future upgrades? Honestly, I don't think I plan on SLI or Crossfire... but who knows about anything else.

Also, I've become interested in a RAID array... is this something I can eventually do on the cheap (if I already had a handful drives)?
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  1. Ok i start ultra low end on your budget range cos not sure u need OS, speakers, etc

    You could switch out that Seagate and go quad if within your means ^^
  2. batuchka said:
    Ok i start ultra low end on your budget range cos not sure u need OS, speakers, etc
    You could switch out that Seagate and go quad if within your means ^^

    Wow, that seems like an impressive setup for only $500. I might be building two computers... :p

    Fortunately, I'm set on an OS (Windows 7) and speakers. I might pick up a new wireless keyboard/mouse so I can play cards from the couch :p
  3. Haha happy building ^^
  4. Not sure if you need an operating system, or if Newegg is still selling OEM copies of Windows individually. BUT you might be best off including a OEM copy of Windows in your wishlist. Otherwise video cards are becomming less power hungry, and a 500w should be more than enough for your PC's appitite. Over all not a bad initial build.
  5. Thanks for the replies so far. I appreciate the help!
  6. You are welcomed ^^
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