Looking for a new heatsink for HD 6870

I've recently become disappointed with my hd 6870's heatsink and fan. When running graphics heavy games it becomes annoyingly loud and because of the heatsink's design, it blows hot air right into my case and my cpu cooler. I'm thinking I can get better performance and higher overclocks with both my CPU and my GPU if I get a new one.

I'm looking for one with one that's preferably under $30.

I would really like something like one of these two because I really don't want a GPU heatsink that's just going to blast hot air into my cpu cooler.

1. http://www.amazon.com/Antec-Vcool-VGA-Cooler/dp/B00092DAFG

Something like this is good because it would exhaust hot air out of my case instead of into it.

2. http://www.amazon.com/Thermalright-TR-VRM-R5-Side-PanelType-Regulator-Heatsink/dp/B003AJZF4E/ref=pd_sim_sbs_e_2

Something like this would also be good because it looks like I would be able to orient the heatsink to line up with my Case's side fan.

Main reason I'm asking is because there seems to be a very limited market for GPU coolers (compared to CPU coolers) and an even smaller market for people who want GPU coolers that are specifically designed to exhaust air out of the case instead of into it.

That and it seems that many GPU coolers have either limited compatibility or are vague about what GPUs they are compatible with. I would like to know how to determine if a particular cooler is compatible because I imagine a cooler might work for my 6870 even if the product description doesn't say it is.
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  1. Hi

    The first product you listed doesn't actually fit onto the graphics card, its just a fan with a shroud and the second product is designed specifically to cool the Voltage regulator modules of the graphics card, it doesn't actually cool the memory chips or GPU core at all.

    I know its not ideal as it doesn't exhaust the heat out of the case, but have you considered this: http://www.gelidsolutions.com/products/index.php?lid=1&cid=17&id=52

    Aslong as your case has good airflow it'll be fine.
  2. Yeah I've seen that one, but at $57 dollars it's over my budget.
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