GeForce 210 screen artifact on Dell Dimension E510

I just installed an NVidea GeForce 210 in my Dimension E510. Installation went smoothly, but after everything comes up there is a ~1/2" square in the middle of my display that always shows the background. Open an application and I have a little square window through which I can see my desktop. If the application updates its display the square immediately comes back into view.

Switching monitors makes no difference, I exchanged the 210 adapter (Nvidea felt it was defective card), uninstalled and reinstalled the drivers, updated them, downloaded the latest BIOS and chipset updates from Dell, tried different display resolutions ... no difference.

Any ideas on what could be causing this?
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  1. Hi.
    I appear to be having the same issue, having installed a Galaxy nVidia GeForce 210 in a Dell Inspiron 530s.
    Wondering if you ever reached a solution on what the deal with it is
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