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Is 55c - 65c a bad temp for the motherboard/mainboard? if not, when is it bad??
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  1. It's pretty high, do you have good airflow across the board, maybe a 120mm intake fan on the front of the case and a 120mm exhaust fan on rear of the case? Good cable management, that allows unimpeded airflow? Clean (not dusty) CPU heatsink with a working fan? If so, you may want to add another intake fan, or replace your existing fans with some than move >60cfm.
  2. i actually have 3 fans + CPU fan running..1 140 mm Aerocool Silver Lightning, 1 120 mm Cooler Master, 1 92 mm Cooler Master Blade Master, and an AMD Phenom II x4 965 CPU with fan and heatsink..everything else is at good temps besides the mainboard...
  3. Try using another temp monitor like HWmonitor
    download it for free
    sometimes mobo's give buggy readings
  4. i figured out the problem...i had the fans what a newb....thanks for all the replies though, i really appreciate it.
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