Boot issues and Bios Menu Short with Addonics Raid Connected

Hi All:

I have just built a system (first build so not bad) I have everything running but I do have an issue. I have a GA-890GPA-UD3H with an AMD Phenom II X6 1095T. I also have an Addonics 3124R5 Multilane Raid Controller and 4x250 Raid 5 system. My issue is any time I connect the Raid array via the multilane connector the system boots to a hanging cursor. Also when I go into the Bios I have what looks to be a vary paired down bios settings where I only have two main options. Nothing else is there no MIT etc.

Does anyone have an Idea as to what this RAID box is doing to the Bios and how do I fix it? The 3124R5 is a PCI-X so I am wondering either I have an IRQ issue or a setting wrong.

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  1. Just curious as to why you added a RAID controller when the motherboard has support for RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 5, RAID 10, and JBOD integrated?
  2. The reason is I have an existing Raid 5 system with a multilane connection (ie., 3124R5 Card). This whole system including card was working fine under windows XP 32b, and I have finally bought a new system. The on board raid system is used with 2x6Gbsx1Tb drives in Raid 0 design.
    So, I have all my data sitting on this other raid system with a multilane connection. I can boot the system only with out the drives spun up (ie., legacy boot?). I can spin the drives up after the system is booted but I often get crashes and I get horrible system performance. Something like an IRQ or memory conflict, but I have check and there is no issues with either.

    So I have the latest drivers, but I have to flash the raid bios to the newer version. Maybe that will do the trick. I am just looking for some ideas.

  3. Unless Gigabyte changed something they already have (2) sata raid controllers on that mother board. One installed on the 850 southbridge and another from Jmicron and it would appear that all the available address space is taken.
    With the 3124r5 out of system enter bios and disable the jmicron and see if that helps or allows enough address room for the 3124r5.
    If not try disabling the amd850 one as well just to test.
    Can't remember if they're able to make the needed address unavailabel within the bios but believe they can, only because they were doing most people a favor by adding the second to start with.
    Yes there are other models without the second controller built in.
  4. Thanks so much for you infomation. That gives me some of what I needed. Addonics board is a PCI-eX which I never liked and it's "software" based according to tech support. Anyway, I appreciate the detailed information, helps me understand the internal pc architecture. I'm a Cisco switch, router, CSS guy, and know that stuff very well. So this is a slightly different world, but somethings are similar. It actually helps me understand architecture of Cisco more (if you can believe that).

    Anyway, I need to upgrade to a PCI-e card. The pci-e-x is pci ver 1 which is not good and the board really supports 2.0. I've always had performance issues from the start. So, I'm going with the newer version of the card.

    Thanks all for you help!!

    Post is resolved by upgrading from the 3124r5 PCI-e-X to ADSA3GPX8-ML which is the next generation of the card. I just need to worry about space with the fan on the Video card, that is a bit fan which takes up much room.
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