Is my PSU good enough!?!?

Hi all,

Putting together a new system with some older parts from last build, think the psu is up to it?

PSU: Enermax 535W

Mobo: Asus p6t standard,
CPU: i7 920
Ram - 6gb corsair ems 12800 ddr3
gfx - 8800gts 640mb - will replace when funds permit
harddrive - wd 320 gb 7200rpm - same as above
cooling - 3 case fans - too 12cm 1 small
1 x dvd drive
windows 7 hp 64bit

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  1. oh and the psu is sli ready etc
  2. Try with this PSU calculator

    Personally, i only trust in PSU like Coolermaster, Antec, Thermaltake, OCZ, Corsair...
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