Do I need a seperate sound card for HTPC?

If I plan on using a Radeon 4890 for a HTPC that will be used for playing movies, as well as a gaming rig, do I really need a separate sound card since the Radeon has HDMI 7.1 audio output? Will this be good for gaming, or should I have audio being handled by a separate card from say Creative or Asus?
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  1. There is no need for a separate sound card since most motherboards have 7.1 integrated sound.
  2. but what about using the Radeon 4890's audio output via the HDMI going into say an Onkyo receiver?
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    Will be fine, even onboard sound chips on the mobo are more then sufficent... youre much better off investing in decent speakers then a dedicated sound card... chicken and egg theory again lol
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  5. Just one comment, the 4890 is quite noisy for an HTPC build. I would recomment the 5770 but if you've already got the 4890 then it's ok.
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